Automating supply chain compliance.

The Solution.

Automate them.

The ChainTraced application automates the certificate process, eliminating the need to ever print a physical certificate. Instead, they are managed in the app, allowing your firm to create and receive product certificates, as well as forwarding received certificates with your modifications, automatically.
The challenge.

Certificates are a mess.

Every year, companies issue millions of product certificates on orders for industrial components. Even worse, they are sent and received as physical letters with a shipment or as PDFs in e-mails. Being hard to trace they distract from true value-creation, costing both time, money, and administrative headaches.

Step 1

Inbound certificates come in different formats, languages and through various channels. They are hard to verify and needs to be manually entered into database systems or binders. You need to check their values against material and product standards manually.

Step 3

With each sale, you need to send certificate bundles with matching order numbers to the customers. The manual processes in step one and two often result in mismatched source certificates in different languages and formats, resulting in a non-transparent and improper look towards customers.

Step 2

As large inbound bulk-orders are combined, surface treated and repackaged to fit your product line, they obtain new product IDs and additional treatment certificates. With each product, batch-specific certifications need to be combined to reflect this bundled content.

Certificates today: A distributor example

It might be familiar: Your suppliers distribute certificates in their own way. Certificate management is a mess:
PDF’s and physical letters in different languages need to be verified, translated, and checked manually. When products are repackaged for sales, the certificates must follow: They must be rearranged and rebranded, bundled, copied, and finally attached to each outbound order.

Step 1

Inbound certificates are available in the platform.

Step 3

With each sales order, a professional-looking certificate is created and made available .

Step 2

Chaintraced automatically reflects the changes you make when managing your products.

Certificates the Chaintraced way

Manufacturers and distributors add certificate values and the order number to the Chaintraced platform, and digitally sign them. As you combine, refine, or sell products, Chaintraced automatically bundles and organize your certificates. The result is professional-looking, corporate branded certificates available to your customers.

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