In November our CEO Victor Andersson participated in a panel discussion on the topic Data Sharing. In the discussion Victor are stressing the importance of making it easier to share data in a readable way in order to be able to analyze it. One of the topics that came up during the discussion was the fear of data ending up in the wring hands. According to Stefan Frylebäck from Almi there is a lot of good examples and best practices indicating that data sharing can be done in a safe way and that there is a lot of opportunities to financially benefit from sharing data. According to Victor it is important to have a clear communication between the parties in the value chain so that everyone understand why it is important to share the data and the benefits for me as a customer and/or supplier. In the panel they are also highlighting the fact that Sweden is in the forefront of data sharing and they are discussing how we have to adjust and understand the issues with data sharing in other parts of the world.

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Management Trainee
Rita is studying Industrial engineering and management at KTH and has previously worked at startups within fintech and HR-tech. Focus was to reach new customers and markets by assisting in developing new marketing and sales strategies.