Digitala stambanan released the status update of work package 1(WP1) of their productions project Digitala stambanan Produktion, end of September. A project in which ChainTraced have been part of during the past year together with industry players SSAB, BUFAB and NITATOR. The aim with the project is to see what maturity level industrial companies are at using the maturity assessment Industry 4.0 Maturity Index, and to address the identified sub-areas (below) with increased data sharing to see how cooperation can be improved in the value chain.

One of the major challenges discovered within the manufacturing industry is the lack of data and information shared both up- and downstream in the value chain. Many companies are sitting on a lot of data, however this data is currently not accessible enough to be used to create value. this insight have led to the I dentification of four sub-areas to be addressed during the Digitala stambanans production project;

  • Product data –How data belonging to the product can be used more (for example, SSAB’s material data)
  • Delivery assurance –Share data needed to forecast and secure deliveries.
  • Customer knowledge –Understand customers’ requirements further down the supply chain.
  • Green conversion –Visualize the CO2 footprint in the value chain (traceability of materials and products). This is something that will affect all industries.

To explore a solution to this challenge, SSAB (supplier of sheet metals to Nitator), BUFAB (supplier of C-parts to Nitator) and NITATOR (who Processes and assembles parts for end customers in the automotive industry) will be using ChainTraced platform to demonstrate how CO2 data can be collected and visualized for all parties within the value chain. And in turn provide clarity on how the manufacturing industry could utilize the potential of the value from data on a digital platform to build resilience.

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Mercy Mbabazi

Senior Account Executive
Mercy is an experienced Account Executive within the manufacturing industry. She has the ability to implement Sales Strategies to develop new markets and build strong customer relationships. Her drive to succeed and become a valuable addition to a forward-thinking company is what brought her to Chaintraced.