The steel industry is a complex and highly regulated sector that relies heavily on quality control and assurance. Unfortunately, much of the quality assurance is done manually today which is time consuming, expensive, and prone to human errors and inconsistencies. This In turn leads to limited visibility across the processes, lack of transparency and a huge risk for product failure

How to solve this

Many companies in the steel industry have chosen to implement digital platforms which enables automation of quality control processes, making it easier to guarantee that products meet the necessary standards and provide steel companies with the ability to monitor the entire lifecycle of their products and materials in real-time.

Other benefit of digital Platform:

·        End-to-end view of the supply chain

·        quickly identify and addressing quality issues

·        Increased visibility into supply chain, to identify areas for improvement.

Where to start

Digital Platform that supports manufacturers to manage quality processes are many, ChainTraced platform is one options. What you should consider as you embark on your journey is that the platform you are choosing will support you;

1: In the collection of product data; simplifying the process and helps you to save time.

2: With Automation of Product Quality effort; to Provide efficient Validation and quality planning

3: By Providing an Overview of your Quality Process and Insight on areas of improvement.

Mercy Mbabazi

Senior Account Executive
Mercy is an experienced Account Executive within the manufacturing industry. She has the ability to implement Sales Strategies to develop new markets and build strong customer relationships. Her drive to succeed and become a valuable addition to a forward-thinking company is what brought her to Chaintraced.