Meet the team behind ChainTraced.

The ChainTraced team is dedicated to delivering a seamless and easy-to-use product that truly help our customers reduce administrative pains and improve quality and traceability. Our development philosophy is  customer driven and responsive, our goal simplicity — and we really love what we do. Feel free to get to know us a bit more down below!
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Victor Andersson
Victor has previously worked as a senior management consultant and business developer in the supply chain for the manufacturing industry. He has extensive experience from consulting and project management in digitalisation.
Johan Lejdung
Johan has previously worked in various leading positions and most recently as a Fullstack Developer at Storytel. In addition, he has several years of experience running his own consultancy business.
Aditya Naik
Fullstack Developer
Aditya has worked in various roles such as a Private Banker, Business Analyst, Process Automation Expert and most recently as a Fullstack Developer. He has extensive experience working with startups in various capacities.
Lucione Rabelo
Senior Account Executive
Lucione has vast experience in Sales and Quality Management in the supply chain for the manufacturing industry. The combined experience has given Lucione a great understanding of our customers.
Ruben Rodrigues
UX Intern
Ruben is doing his UX Internship at ChainTraced. He is helping us improve and better understand our application workflows.
Matar Jarju
Sales Intern
Matar is doing his internship at ChainTraced and is supporting the sales team. He has previous experience within assembly and accounting.
Austin Johnson
Management Trainee
Austin has previously worked as a Functional Consultant in a multinational IT company. Focus was to understand business requirements and deliver solutions with a lookout on easing client specific issues.

Board of directors

Jeppe Magnusson, PhD
Jeppe has more than 30 years of industrial experience from executive positions in international companies such as Nobel Industries, Union Carbide, Akzo Nobel, Mölnlycke, SCA and Nobel Biocare. Today, he is partner in ISEA, Industrial Senior Advisors.
Johan Lindblad, MSc
Board Member
Johan has previously worked as a CTO for startups within IoT and Fintech, as well as a full stack developer in high frequency trading and finance. In addition, he has several years of experience as a senior consultant at international IT companies.
Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, PhD
Board Member
Saeid is a serial entrepreneur having established and managed a range of innovative technology companies within several industries.

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