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Smart Steel Products

Do you struggle with paper based or poorly structured certificates? We help you automate your product compliance and end-to-end traceability with Digital Product & Material Certificates.

A digital twin of your steel products improves quality and makes manual administration redundant

Mandatory steel product certificates such as EN 10204 and ISO 16228 are today usually handled as PDF’s or papers throughout the supply chain of steel. The process of managing such certificates is very time consuming and insecure that leaves room for faulty or counterfeit certificates and products.

ChainTraced allows you to keep track of all of this data digitally, as well as automating the workflow. Generate digital certificates for all your products and orders, with both internal and external traceability.

We secure steel products and create traceability through the entire supply-chain by allowing anyone in the chain to participate digitally; weather it's the steel maker, manufacturer, distributor or quality lab. This not only greatly decrease the time it takes to do a recall but it also eliminates counterfeit certificates and products.

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Workflow & Certificate

Tools covering a complete workflow

Part Approval

Ensure that new and updated products are approved according to your requirements. Monitor the progress. collect part approval documentation from your suppliers and submit part approval documentation to your customers directly through ChainTraced.

Template support for Initial sample reports and PPAP.

Internal Quality Control & Traceability

By supporting processes for Processing and Assembly, ChainTraced allows you to pre-define control plan templates and allows you to register and validate test-results in production accordingly.

We help you to easily trace each step through the product lifecycle to enable full internal traceability down to batch or serial number level.
A list of certificates in ChainTraced

Digital Material & Product Certificates

Collect, validate and archive material and product certificates easily from your suppliers through web interface, upload or API to make sure certificates are collected and validated in time.  

Automatically generate and submit a branded digital certificate, securely published on ChainTraced platform or emailed to the customers with an attached PDF.

Traceability & Product Recall

ChainTraced provides end-to-end traceability of your products at the tip of your fingers.

Our Traceback technology allows for precise and rapid product recalls, down from weeks to minutes by providing a comprehensive list of all affected orders.

A digital certificate, covering all your needs

‍With predefined templates to support established certificate and data submission standards, certificates are configured to include all data need to validate your product deliveries.

Digital product & material certificates

Provide digital product certificates to your customers, accessible securely 24/7 through the ChainTraced platform. With support for standards like EN 10204 and ISO 16228.

Sustainability data

Collect and provide sustainability data such as Co2 and share or recycled content.

Product requirement validation

Automatic validation of product requirements eliminates typos and reduces mistakes. The validation surfaces incorrect data before it is sent further up the chain.

Secure & immutable certificates

With high security standards and digital validation we eliminate counterfeit certificates and products and ensure integrity and audit trail of your data.
What our users are saying

We are automating our certificate process using ChainTraced, saving a lot of administration time and securing our certificate processes


Feature highlights

Introducing a secure, sustainable and efficient supply chain for steel products

Collect material and product certificates

Easily collect, validate and archive your material and product certificates from your suppliers. Each certificate is index and searchable.

Generate and send product certificates

Generate professional looking PDF's from your data and provide digital product certificates to your customers.

Part approval administration

Keep track of your part approvals to ensure that they are submitted and approved in time. With templates such as PPAP and initial samples.

Product end-to-end traceability

Product value chain can be traced back, step-by-step, enabling quick containment and recalls.

Product requirement management

Easily share your updated product requirements with your suppliers, to make sure your suppliers always deliver according to the latest product revision.

Quality control planning and validation

Plan quality inspection, record and validate test results during production or request and collect test results from your third-party laboratories.

Open API's for automation

Our API’s are ready to integrate with your ERP, PLM or MES systems. Use our open API's to  fully automate workflows or connect and calibrate your production machines and equipment.

Secure data management

With high security standards and digital validation we ensure integrity and audit trail of your data.

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