Today ChainTraced is happy to announce its membership in Catena-X, an open data ecosystem for the automotive industry. As a member of Catena-X, ChainTraced joins a diverse group of providers and users in the automotive value chain, with a focus on the integration of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Catena-X aims to create a scalable ecosystem that allows for the efficient sharing and use of data throughout the automotive value chain. The association is supported by a development area where members collaborate on the development of standard candidates and other development tasks. The Catena-X consortium, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy's "Future Investments in the Vehicle Industry" funding program, will perform the core development work until mid-2024.

ChainTraced is proud to be part of the Catena-X association and its initiative, which aligns with its mission of empowering secure and sustainable  supply chains. Through their digital platform, ChainTraced enables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders to track and trace products throughout the supply chain, ensuring authenticity, quality and compliance. By joining Catena-X, ChainTraced can leverage the expertise and resources of other members to enhance its offerings and contribute to the development of industry-wide standards.

"We are thrilled to be part of the Catena-X association and its vision of creating a collaborative ecosystem for data sharing in the automotive industry" said ChainTraced CEO and Co-Founder Victor Andersson. "This initiative aligns with our mission of providing secure and transparent supply chain solutions that benefit all stakeholders. We look forward to working with other members to develop standards and drive innovation in the automotive industry."

In conclusion, ChainTraced's membership in Catena-X underscores the importance ofcollaboration and data sharing in the automotive industry. Through its participation in the association, ChainTraced can contribute to the development of standards and best practices, while leveraging the expertise and resources of other members. With the first operating companies expected to emerge in 2023, Catena-X is poised to transform the automotive industry and ChainTraced is excited to be part of this initiative.

Mercy Mbabazi

Senior Account Executive
Mercy is an experienced Account Executive within the manufacturing industry. She has the ability to implement Sales Strategies to develop new markets and build strong customer relationships. Her drive to succeed and become a valuable addition to a forward-thinking company is what brought her to Chaintraced.