Automate quality and product compliance

Empower supply chain collaboration and product compliance with ChainTraced
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Improve productivity

Improve productivity through automated distribution of product data

Reduce risk

Reduce quality and legal risk through automated validation of product requirements

Generate actionable insights

Improve insights of quality trend to drive proactive process improvements and product innovation

Secure products through process validation, not quality control and manual paperwork

Securing quality of supplied products is many times a manual and unsecure process consisting of collection, validating applicable documentation and inspecting the products at arrival for example Material Certificates according to EN 10204.

What if you could have access to the quality inspection data and all relevant documentation directly from your supplier, and what if that inspection data was analyzed to detect process deviations with early warnings so that you can focus only on the supplied products with higher risk of failure.

ChainTraced allows you to keep track of all of this data digitally, as well as analyzing the performance of your suppliers manufacturing process through monitoring and identifying early warnings. This allows you to focus more on supplier development and collaboration and less on manual administration and incoming quality inspections.

Empowering the workflow of quality and compliance

Collaborate, process and optimize

Digitalize your Quality efforts to improve your supply chain collaboration, drive efficiency and generate insights that can transform your ways of working
Automate your product validation
Collect digital test reports with process and test data from your suppliers, automatically validate and approve inbound deliveries with early warning identification to detect process deviations before it is to late.

Internal Quality control & traceability

By supporting processes such as Processing and Assembly, ChainTraced allows you to pre-define control plan templates to register and validate test-results accordingly. Automatically mapping each step through the product lifecycle to offer full internal traceability.

Generate digital certificates with ease

Automatically generate and submit a branded digital certificate, securely published and easily accessible on ChainTraced platform or emailed to the customers with an attached PDF.

Contain defect products in a matters of minutes

Establish end-to-end traceability of your products at the tip of your fingers. Enabling rapid production recalls and reducing effort down from weeks to minutes by providing a comprehensive list of all affected orders.

Seeing is believing

Get a better understanding for how our customer use ChainTraced to gain business value by watching our on-demand content.

Supporting existing and nurturing new ways of digital supply chain collaboration

To provide a solution that organizations adopt with ease and grow with we support key interfaces
Supporting existing standards of working with and sharing files
User interface
User-friendly and powerful interface to digitalize your quality and compliance processes
Open API
Connect and automate workflows or connect and calibrate your production machines.

Use case - Improving supplier quality and collaborations

7:40 min
Interested in understanding how ChainTraced can help improve supplier collaboration and product quality? Watch our on-demand presentation to get a better understanding!
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Automating quality at scale

Bufab Group is a global supply chain partner of C-parts and a wide range of fastening elements. For an organization like Bufab high productivity and quality is extremely important for their daily operations. By using ChainTraced to digitalize product certificate handling, Bufab has been able to transform to automated collection and validation of product certificates from suppliers, as well as automated generation and submittal of certificates to their customers. In turn Bufab has been able to eliminate manual handling of certificates and improve traceability on products, at production lot level, whilst saving time.

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