Supply chain traceability

ChainTraced is a leading provider of digital end-to-end traceability solutions focused on tracing raw material to end product across the metallic value chain.
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Leading the way with innovative solutions

End-to-end traceability creates great opportunities across the supply chain and for all within. We imagine innovative and empowering solutions to improve efficiency, collaboration and transparency to meet new market demand.


Empowering Quality & Sourcing leaders on the journey towards efficient quality management, supply chain collaborations and improved traceability
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Empowering Sustainability leaders on the journey towards decarbonization through improved digital tooling for GHG accounting, transparency and supply chain collaboration
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Empowering Business leaders on the journey towards digital product offerings and new ways of engaging and collaborating with customers
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End-to-end traceability has become key to staying competitive

Market state and practices are rapidly changing

We see markets that are transitioning towards a circular economy and that experience a rapid increase in demand for traceability to support customers making more informed decisions, ability so secure regulatory compliance and more sustainable product productions.

Achieving traceability across complete value chains sheds light on several transformation opportunities as organizations now are faced with challenges to reassess what it means to efficiently manage data, collaborate to share it, and leverage the value that new more reliable data sets possess.

An end-to-end traceability platform to address new needs

A digital end-to-end traceability platform enabling product data sharing across the metallic value chain to drive efficiency, collaboration and transparency

Empowering the journey of end-to-end traceability

We are on a collaborative journey

ChainTraced is proud to be a part of several collaborations with customers, partners and industry associations to drive market innovation and transformation with supply chain traceability.

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