Digital product passport for a new market demand

Empower your customers engagements and collaborations with digital and traceable products, as an enabler to meet the accelerating market demand for traceability
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Improve collaboration

By sharing the view of performance and trends, openness and improved collaboration over time is promoted

Improve reliability and trust

Sharing a digital product passport enables your customer to efficiently validate compliance with their own internal and external requirements

Transform your offerings

Enabling access to material attributes and sustainability data empowers your customer to improve utilization of your delivered product.

Be a part of the traceability movement

As demand for traceability in the market increases, businesses of all sizes are faced with the challenge of efficiently managing product data, collaborate to share it, and leverage the value that a new more reliable data sets may possess.

Imagine if your quality and sustainability efforts were made available to your customers within initial evaluation and all the way to established relationship and passed with every transaction.

ChainTraced empowers supply chains to improve collaboration, transparency and transform product offerings by enabling efficient and secure ways of sharing quality and sustainability data with every product transaction.
A digital product passport visualized

Further exploration...

Imagining traceability solutions that fosters secure and sustainable value chains

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