voestalpine High Performance Metals (HPM) division, teamed up with ChainTraced with the ambition to tackle the challenges related to mapping CO2 footprint throughout the entire supply chain. As a result, voestalpine HPM is now better equipped to address their industrial challenges, and work towards improving visibility and reducing their CO2 emissions throughout the value chain.

In 2021 ChainTraced won the EIT Manufacturing’s BoostUp! Bridge competition, by responding to a challenge “Measuring &modelling CO2 emissions” posed by the EIT Manufacturing partner voestalpine GmbH. This resulted in a PoC with the UddeholmsAB in Sweden, a subsidiary of voestalpine. A cooperation started where voestalpine High Performance Metals (HPM)division, teamed up with ChainTraced with the ambition to tackle the challenges related to mapping CO2 footprint throughout the entire supply chain.

With a strong commitment to reduce CO2 emissions long term

voestalpine is a leading global steel and technology Group in their business segments with a combination of material and processing expertise. The company offers top-quality products and system solutions and is leading partner of the automotive and consumer goods industries as well as of the aerospace and oil& natural gas industries, as well as world market leader in railway systems, tool steel, and special sections.

As an environmentally friendly international Group, and an important ecological pioneer, voestalpine are fully committed to the global climate goals. They are working intensively to develop technologies for decarbonization, and to reduce CO2 emissions over the long term, and voestalpine's Greentech steel program represents a clear plan for decarbonizing the production of steel.

New CO2 insights enable continuous improvements for voestalpine

Together voestalpine and ChainTraced have worked to collect emission data for a selected alloy, in the voestalpine upstream value chain. The framework focuses on four major areas, among them sustainable sourcing, which includes contributing to the voestalpine Group target of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% until 2029 in their supply chain (Scope 3).

For voestalpine the culture fit, as well as ChainTraced´s industry expertise and core knowledge of the metallic value chain, is an important factor in the on-going cooperation. With a solution-based, holistic and supply-chain oriented approach, ChainTraced contribute on voestalpine´s journey to reach their ambitious decarbonization goals. With joint efforts, and by interacting with voestalpine´s supplier network, ChainTraced can collect, calculate, and gain new insights on the CO2 footprint along the value chain. This enables continuous improvements, helping voestalpine build internal readiness and develop a strategy for improving the collection of more accurate emissions data.

What are the CO2 tracking challenges in your company? Read more about the voestalpine customer case, and how a digital traceability tool for decarbonization can help your company to improve your sustainability efforts.


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Victor Andersson

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Victor has previously worked as a senior management consultant and business developer in the supply chain for the manufacturing industry. He has extensive experience from consulting and project management in digitalisation.