ChainTraced is hosting a responsible steel member exclusive webinar to discuss how end-to-end traceability has become a key enabler to decarbonizing the metallic value chain. The webinar will focus on the importance of traceability in reducing the carbon footprint of the steel industry. The speakers will provide an overview of initiatives and methodologies used to promote the adoption of end-to-end traceability and explain how increased transparency across the value chain helps to reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals.

The webinar is an opportunity for attendees to gain insight into the latest trends and technologies in the steel industry and the benefits of implementing digital traceability solutions, such as ChainTraced platform to gain transparency of CO2eq data, to better understand the carbon impact across the entire value chains.


Victor Andersson-      CEO at ChainTraced

Daniel Eriksson Pitt-  CCO at ChainTraced



Date: January 12th2023

Time: 15.00CET/14.00 GMT

Mercy Mbabazi

Senior Account Executive
Mercy is an experienced Account Executive within the manufacturing industry. She has the ability to implement Sales Strategies to develop new markets and build strong customer relationships. Her drive to succeed and become a valuable addition to a forward-thinking company is what brought her to Chaintraced.