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Traceability is a great topic for so many

We find supply chain traceability to be a topic that sparks interest across several business domains. We typically hold introduction meetings with decision makers looking to address operational challenges of today, as well as more strategic opportunities to meet new market demand.

Spending 30-60 min together

1. Personal

Get introduced, align on responsibility and personal drivers

2. Current state
& needs

Align on your current state with business opportunities and challenges

3. ChainTraced Presentation

Introduction to ChainTraced - Our purpose, value proposition and solution

4. Next step & recommendations

Identify your next course of action and keep you progressing on your traceability journey

Identifying your next step

The purpose of an introduction meeting is to provide you with an efficient way of quickly assessing your business opportunity with traceability. The outcome we seek is to inspire you as well as identify your next course of action.
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