Efficient and secure Part Approval process

By streamlining your Part Approval management digitally, you increase traceability, mitigate risks, and can secure and standardize the approval processes, in line with your customer requirements.
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Common challenges with current Part Approval practices

Part Approval is a standardized process commonly used within the manufacturing industry to ensure that production parts meet quality and performance requirements. The common challenges we often come across includes...
Difficulties to standardize procedures across the global supply chain
Insufficient document control, with a lot of documents involved in the process
Inefficienty Supplier collaboration
Time consuming, often manually burdensome administration
Risk of incorrect Part Approval document submissions or industry requirements

Part Approval management in ChainTraced

By streamlining and verifying the production of parts digitally, you can standardize the processes, increase traceability, align with customer requirements, mitigate risks, and take better control of your Part Approval management.

Smooth and flexible Part Approval requests

A solution that offers a streamlined process for requesting the necessary documents with the appropriate Part Approval documentation. Where you can clearly specify which documents should be requested from the supplier and which documents can be retained by the manufacturer. Once the request is submitted the supplier is promptly notified of the request, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration throughout the part approval process.

Supplier document submission

All requested Part Approvals are visualized with status, and notified in the outbound supplier interface in ChainTraced. With a user-friendly interface and all information digitally accessible in one place, including the customer´s PPAP criteria, it is easy to monitor, and confirm that all necessary documents are submitted. Once submitted the documents are all searchable on several parameters, such as part number, customer order number, reference number etc.

Efficient Part Approval customer delivery

When the supplier has completed their submission, the requested quality documentation can be instantly reviewed in the system, for you to validate, approve and prepare for customer delivery. With ChainTraced you can offer your customers an efficient, secure, and convenient communication for all Part Approval documents, either transmitted through ChainTraced with a free customer receiver user access or distributed via email.

An opportunity to improve your quality!

With ChainTraced you can collect, validate, and distribute conformed product documentation, improve your supplier collaboration, and drive an efficient and secure quality document administration through a user-friendly interface.
Digitally accessible
All information in one place, transparent,efficient, with secure user access
Improved traceability
Quality data sourcing end-to-end to track every product transaction
Reliable and compliant reporting
Product quality documentation, with specific industry standards taken into account.
Enables you to improve, scale and develop your quality document management
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