We are happy to welcome Fagersta Stainless as new customer to ChainTraced. Fagersta Stainless, part of Marcegaglia, is one of the leading producers in the world when it comes to stainless wire rod and wire.  

As a customer to ChainTraced Marcegaglia Fagersta Stainless enables their customers a new, more efficient, and secure administration and distribution of quality documents. By receiving and sharing their product certificates digitally through the ChainTraced platform, Fagersta is joining a growing traceability network with suppliers and customers within the steel industry.  

A growing network empower collaboration and transparency

A digital quality and sustainability management process includes a digital thread, where you can easily track and trace when documents necessary were issued and approve, and by whom. This will prove better authenticity and improve the quality management. 

By sharing data across the metallic value chain through the ChainTraced traceability platform, Fagersta – together with other companies along the processing chain – becomes an important link in the traceability network.  

Supply chain traceability end-to-end creates great opportunities across the value chain and for the parties within, where a more efficient and secure management can empower supplier and customer collaboration, improve transparency and be an important key to meet new market demands.

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Liise-Lotte Vilimaa

Customer Success Manager
Liise-Lotte has worked in a number of different industries and has experience in diverse management roles, customer relationship building, marketing and consumer analysis. Her passion for innovative thinking and customer-focus is what brought her to ChainTraced.